Jul. 31st, 2009

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I went camping!
I had just arrived in Oporto, Portugal, which is a beautiful city that's made of churches, cool little stores, traditional blue-and-white tile work, and big fucking hills. As the name would (maybe) suggest, it's the place where Port wine is made, so there are wine tastings at the wineries across the river all the time. I was in the incredible Andarilho hostel, at the birthday party for a guy who never actually showed up, sitting with some friendly anglophones and noshing on traditional Portuguese food, when the fellow sitting next to me says, 'Hey, you wanna go camping?'
It wasn't on my plans, it didn't fit on the schedule, I was going to have to rearrange and probably cut out Florence and most of Italy, he was probably a crazy axe murderer, and I did it anyways. He was a bit incredulous that the first person he'd asked agreed, but as the rest of the group told him, all you have to do is ask. It was a fun group of individual tourists who sort of glommed together their first night, and had a really good group chemistry. We went out to dinner the next night, after Jonas and I planned out our trip and itinerary.
We went for three nights, on La Isla de Ons, off the coast of Spain. We took the metro, two trains, a bus and a ferry to get there, and found another beautiful, exciting and relentlessly hilly place. La Isla has no mammals (aside from humans), just birds and bugs. It has a nude beach, which we went to but did not actually do the nude thing- all the beaches were pretty lax on the clothing. Really, I felt like a prude when I wore my swimsuit the whole time.
The water was freezing and clear, the tidal pools had NO HERMIT CRABS. Whoa! But they had anemones and little shrimpy things and periwinkles. The food was great. Jonas is a great guy, kind of tallish and blue-eyed in a stereotypically attractive way. He's from Belgium, and has an accent. He goes camping alot, and kind of had the whole camping thing down, whereas I was still trying to figure a great deal out. But I spoke Spanish and he didn't, so I still felt like I was contributing and being useful.
I'm back in Porto today, in the hostel. We actually camped on the hostel lawn, since they overbooked the hostel and we'd already made reservations before we left. One last night of camping. I think I'm buying some wine and a dress today, to bring home.
Hmm... other things I meant to say but didn't? Isla de Ons is covered in blackberries. I don't think I've ever seen so many blackberries, so we ate and ate and ate, filling my little handbag with them and turning our fingertips purple. Also, the have fresh figs here! Sweet and nice, but I think a bit green yet when I ate them. And so very seedy!
Next stop: Rome. Ohboy!


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