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Day 6: Create a fanwork
I'm tired so it's kind of half-finished meta but this would be really fun to actually make.

Tarot as seen in Merlin: Swords
One: clearly Excalibur as wielded by Arthur- as he begins his journey into kinghood, in justice and clarity
Two: swords stuck into the ground, not used but still pointy- in balance and at rest
Three: Lancelot leaving, Arthur saluting him with a sword, and Gwen polishing- too many hearts and emotions to be in one place
Four: Gwen making sword after sword to hang over the wall after Morgana left- taking a break after the castle, until her heart's a bit healed and she can face the world again.
Five: The banners of the five kingdoms, each one bearing a sword with naked blade. Theoretically at peace, but not actually feeling safe.
Six: Six knights in a hunting party, each with a sword- travel to get new information, insight with distance, new knowledge that makes things easier
Seven: A big pile of swords next to a young knight- better swords does not a better knight make
Eight: Merlin carrying eight of Arthur's swords- he's overburdened and feeling picked-on
Nine: Nine dirty swords that need cleaning. If someone just oils them, the situation won't get worse
Ten: Ten swords pointing into a round table- after so long, the knights are gathering. Time to teach others how a round table could be.
Prince of swords: Young Arthur, giving a speech
Princess: Morgana
King: Gaius with books
Queen: Annis on the battlefield

Day 7
Share your love for a trope/cliche/kink:

I love "returned after long separation" fic. The one where Merlin was in Italy and met Prince Arthur and they had a short fling but then they met again in London and had OTP love over building a hospital (because Merlin was a brilliant architect)- squee!

Or when trans!Merlin had a thing with cis!Arthur when they were teens, and they remet after Merlin had come out and transitioned all the way and they were grown up and like, awesome together despite living in different towns and being so terribly different.

Or- well, there are more. They're in my AO3 bookmarks. I think I love them because I left some people I was really close to when I was pretty young, and I missed them terribly. My first grade best friend went and moved two towns over, and my first ever diary entry was about that. I said that my heart was broken.

Cut to the early days of Facebook. I found him, and he was going to law school a few states over. I said 'hi', and it turned out he remembered me too. We messaged a little, and then it petered out. We have nothing in common, so far as I know.

I really would like to see him again, but in a moment of idiocy I un-friended him because I thought I needed to grow up and forget about it. So... all of this fic is basically wish fulfillment. As most fic is, isn't it?

Day Eight is to post a love meme: to ask people to tell you how much they love you.
I'm pretty sure nobody reads this journal anymore, but if you do, feel free to tell me something you find awesome or lovely about me. I will most definitely reply with something lovely or wonderful about you, unless you are actually Hitler.

Day Nine: What surprises you about fandom

I am constantly amazed and encouraged by how lovely and positive my fandoms have been. I know the internet is often a dark and angry place, but fandom is where I go when I want to see loving smiles and endless enthusiasm for other people's creative endeavors.
Fandom is the constant renewal of the old adage: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
People are so freaking nice, and I love it.

For another thing, I never heard of podfic until a year or two ago, and then I loved it. Podfic is the best, and I love that 1: people create this type of tribute, and 2: I can hear the interpretations of these characters in so many different accents and voices. It's harder than it sounds to do a really good podfic!

Plus 12: What do I bring to fandom?

Well, lots of porn. But seriously?
I've written and I always try to comment and give people lots of praise with possibly something to improve too. I'm wicked enthusiastic, and I try to follow the campsite rule: leave it better than you found it. So always improve, ideally by making whoever I interact with feel better about their day.

I did Merlin Summer Pornathon, I wrote a few fics, most of them so-so but well-intended, I've commented all the fuck over, but I'm not someone whose fics are, like, fandom canon. No astolat or munchinglunch.

(Where would we be without Munchie? Well, we'd be a gazillion podfics poorer, I know that much.)

I'm at my bravest and best on the kinkmemes. I'm willing to write seriously weird fic when my name's not attached. I guess that's what I bring to fandom. Willingness to stretch my boundaries, so long as NOBODY EVER FINDS OUT who I am.


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