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Day 10: Try something new in the fannish realm

Good lord. I've written fic in every fandom I feel even remotely qualified in. I did my first podfic this year. I even did doofy fanart for the pornathon. I wrote a freakin' screenplay, silly as it was! ... But this year's new year's resolution is to do new things. Give me time.

Day 11: Resources.

Yesterday I stumbled across a resource of Tolkein's dirtiest words for elves. Here goes, for your tittilation and amusement!
and an essay on the topic:

Day 12: Did this one last entry!

Day 13: An amazing creator

I think Lunchee, of munchinglunch, is just awesome. The variety of media she covers- mostly podfic and written fic- but also the depth and quality she has, is so amazing. It's clear that she puts a lot of work and time into everything she makes, and I've really enjoyed everything she does. (well, everything in my fandoms- but some others too!) The only reason I listen to podfic now is because she introduced me to the idea, and I am so, so grateful. (Intended? Drastically Redefining Protocol?)

I also have to mention sam_storyteller, who managed to make me watch White Collar and thereby got my dad hooked. I own one of Sam's published books, published under the name Sam Starbuck. His HP fic is part of my headcanon, his Avengers fic is fantastic, and the challenges he creates (consentacles, anyone?) are great. Hence his online fandom army.

Day 14: Rec for fanworks I did not create
EASY PEASY. Hardest part is picking just 3!

Nominated for best porn on the internet is: Castle (the rules by which we live), by New Kate

Nominated for best Star Trek genfic is: You're Gonna Make It After All, by igrockspock

Nominated for best Merlin transfic: Edit the Sad Parts, by cruentum

And these are just the ones from my AO3 bookmarks without me poking around too much so I don't angst forever. So much good fic out there!

Day 15: Create your own challenge

I. Love. Crossovers.
I used to be so ashamed of this, like some sort of 'purity' should be expected in fandom or something. But fuck that! You want Arthur to meet Giles and have a reality crisis? Awesome! Write it, and power to you. I love what people do with it, with that much freedom to shape a new reality. So I guess my challenge would be to cross everything the fuck over, ideally with lots of ladies and queerness.

My challenge: The Bechdel Crossover. Make a crossover that passes the Bechdel test.


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