Aug. 30th, 2005 09:45 pm
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He messaged me back... I can't stop giggling... this is embarrassing.
I should really quit it.
More ice cream in our dorm- Mr Wandery brought in the rest of a pint and we noshed on it. He's building a table out of a bedframe and some plywood. Oh boy!
liviconnor: Zoe roar (willow y tara smoochies)
so, it's warm and sticky today up in the "cool, airy" mountains. Whatever, no big deal- I'll have plenty of cold later.
In the first grade I had a best friend. Really, I had several at school; Audrey somethingorother, Dillon B, and this guy Vivek. It was this really cute childhood romance- we played together all the time and even *gasp* held hands once or twice. Then he moved to Charlestown, and I never saw him again. I wrote my first angsty poetry when I was 6 (with a long time between that and the next bout, I assure you) and never quite forgot him.
Cut to now.
Cut to facebook.
I looked him up- How many Viveks can there be? Well, hundreds, but I knew his last name, so there were only three people with his full name, and two were already graduated. So, theoretically, I found him. Maybe. Who knows if it's actually him, or if he didn't sign up for it and it's some other Vivek. I don't know. It's so uncertain! For one thing, I'm kind of happy, 'cause here's my first-grade sweetheart, who I knew absolutely nothing about for 12 years, and there's even a picture. On the other hand, maybe all I've got is a false lead. But I cannot say how many times I looked up Vivek's name in the yellow pages in the first month after we left.
I don't think I'll contact him- what's the point? What would we say? "Oh yeah, those were the good old times. Yep. Yes they were. Ho, yeah."
Anyways, who's to say he'll even remember me?


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