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So, I've asked for help for a friend with the assistance of Sam's Cafe, and rather than have to do all the communication that may result over there in Sam's comments area, I'm going to post about it here. Internet manners, right?

The problem:
Problem is, I have a friend living with me, who I like a great deal, but who is currently living in my living room/study/not-a-bedroom. It's the size of some people's closets (and not even Sex and the City people, either), and doesn't have its own closet either. This friend is looking for a more permanent arrangement.
Okay, you say. How hard can it be? You live in Boston, it's a big city, and surely there are open apartments available! Well yes, there are. However, this friend of mine is genderqueer and currently unemployed. Looking for work, yes, but that big fancy degree in Econ isn't getting much exercise right now. And genderqueer! What's that? Well just in case you were wondering, it means that my friend uses gender-neutral pronouns for zirself. (See what we did there?) This makes finding an apartment just a wee bit harder.

The ideal solution:
A room in an apartment with a couple of roomies who are gay-friendly. My friend is a big animal lover, and a vegetarian who doesn't mind living with meat-eaters, fellow veggies, or vegans. As such, pets are not any problem, and cats will make zir absolutely ecstatic. Seriously, it's kind of cute. Distance isn't a huge issue, since ze bikes, but biking to Worcester is less fun than biking to Roslindale. The biggest consideration is cost- my friend's lack of immediate employment means that until there's income, ze's looking for a room around $400-$600/month.

The hopeful path to finding a solution:
YOU! Pm me here or leave a comment and you guys can get connected!


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Best of fortune to zir. Makes me glad I live in Maine, though - we pay $750 for a 3 (technically 5) bedroom apartment with off-street parking.

Gabi here, from work!

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When I was little, my mom rented a house in the burbs for $770 with three bedrooms and a backyard and parking spots and everything. The rent's probably up at least $100 since then, but still, that's not enough to rent a 1-br in the city. Rent- Pshach!

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Is this for N.?